Author: Justin Holmes

Covid event update

With the Covid pandemic hitting Ireland we are still under a level 2 lockdown with certain counties on level 3 lockdown (Dublin and Donegal). With other bigger towns and cities also possibly going into lockdown of level 3 the hope of gigs resuming has faded into the background. All events have been cancelled and although there are sales going of gigs and festivals in 2021 it is a long shot to think that they too will not be cancelled unless something drastic changes in the mean time.

Music promoters have been hit really hard and have had to refund millions of euros. Bands are not getting paid and even comedians are struggling as they cannot perform anywhere. Small websites such as our own will also suffer as not many people are looking for events in Dublin at the moment unfortunately.

That said we have kept ourselves busy and are redesigning our website on WordPress so that is something to keep us out of trouble. There has been talk of illegal raves happening around the country but we do not encourage such behaviour so we will not be posting about such things here. We have launched our own sister website over at which is a new business venture of ours. We have a range of excellent gaming chairs and related products on there so please check it out.

Other than that I suppose 2020 has been a write off for most events. How long ago March seems when we first went into lockdown with many people panicking and not knowing what the future will hold. Let us all hope that 2021 is not as big a disaster but at this stage anything can happen.